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Added Value

How are we different to other web design companies?

Unique Website from The Webbery, Quick, Simple, Cost Effective Web Design, Ireland and UK

All-in-one package including desktop & mobile optimised website, security certificate, search engine optimisation and no hidden costs

We offer a completely fresh approach to web design in that we provide an all-in-one setup, support, domain name and hosting package and, crucially, obtain first page Google results for your website for important search terms for your business. All of this is included in the price that we quote before we start work on your project. Most web design companies will quote a separate charge for hosting and not even mention maintenance costs.

Content Management

All our clients can change their own websites. The colours, design, look and feel and, most importantly, the content. This gives power and control back to the small business and adds vitality to the websites. Your clients are more likely to visit your website if they know that the information on display is up-to-date. You can add pictures and videos to your website or just change the text.

Dynamic & Interactive

Web 2.0 completely changed the way that we thought of the Internet. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo, Flickr and YouTube have given the public the ability to express themselves through online communities. We at The Webbery have created business online communities through our Little Ireland and Small Island websites for small businesses in Ireland and Britain. Our small businesses websites get links on Little Ireland and Small Island and visitors can search for business information from those sites. The dynamism of our websites add to their interest, encourage returning visitors and ensure that our websites achieve excellent search engine positioning.

Usable & Simple

Many web design companies will claim that they offer content management but give you a system that is difficult to use. We have designed our own system with the average Internet user in mind. If you can book an air ticket online or send emails with attachments then you can use our content management system to change your own website. Our websites are also easy to use for your clients. Pages are quick to display and we can provide a search facility so that your products and services can easily be found.

Research & Development

We have developed our content management system with the support of Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government's enterprise support agency, and we continually perform R&D to make sure that the websites reflect the needs of our clients. We offer a sophisticated content managed website package for small businesses, which creates responsive websites optimised for both desktop and mobile phone, that is unmatched for the price we charge and quality of on-going support we provide to our clients.

Security Certificate

We provide a security certificate with our websites as standard. Having a security certificate can improve your Google search ranking and also the trust that your website visitors have in your website. If you look at the address bar at the top of our web page you will see, to the left of the address, a locked padlock, indicating that communication between that page and you is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone else. You can click on the padlock for more details about the site's Digital Security Certificate. You may also see that the page's web address begins with 'https://' (and not 'http://'). HTTPS is Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol. This encrypted protocol has been used for many years by financial and e-commerce sites, however there is now a global movement to encourage HTTPS on all websites. These days, websites without Digital Certificates may be ranked lower in search engine results, e.g. Google, and some web browsers have begun to issue warnings about them.


Our websites comply with requirements of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This ensures the highest possible degree of all-round usability for all your website visitors including those with disabilities.

Low Maintenance

We charge a set-up fee and a small fee each year for content management, hosting, security certificate and domain name renewal; there are no other maintenance costs. You can change your website using our content management system and should you have any problems we offer free email and telephone support. Most web design companies will make an hourly charge for website maintenance making the costs of changes prohibitively high.


We have clients that have been with us for more than ten years - a rarity in the world of web design. The reason that they stay with us is the quality of the service that we offer, the effectiveness of the websites that we build and the ease of use of our content management system. We have around 400 clients, a testament to our commitment to good service.

Search Engine Results

You don't need to pay extra for search engine optimisation. We build it into each and every one of our websites. Our clients have excellent search engine results on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This ensures an effective business response.


View our clients pages to see some of our Web design projects. Contact any of our website owners and ask them about the quality of our work and the follow up support we provide on an ongoing basis.


If, within 30 days of us completing your work, you reasonably consider that your website does not comply with your specifications and having given us opportunities to make amendments as necessary, then there is nothing to pay. We can assure you that no other company in the market can provide you with the technical excellence and effectiveness of our web solutions for anything like a comparable price.

No Upfront fees

Many web design companies insist on large payments upfront for their web design work. We have such confidence in our work that we normally only invoice on completion of the website. However we do ask for payment within 30 days of your website going live.

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